Pirate cannon balls at Dorney Park

In the spirit of Halloween, anyone to ID these cannon balls? On a serious note, are there people who collect replicas exclusively? Somewhere around the world there are countries, like Japan, where gun and ammo ownership is so suppressed, that people collect replicas. But I bet they have things which I only can dream about (because of high cost and rarity). Some replicas like this Yamato model at Yamato Museum youtube.com/watch?v=sdR0h7MvtNA are the only way to see the things of the past.


Those pirate balls are most likely replicas, as well as the cannon, possibly. They appear to be solid shot. The skeleton is probably real.

Yes, people actually do collect replicas of things such as round balls. I still cannot quite understand the logic. I have noticed ads on some of the auction sites trying to sell “Replica Civil War Bullets” which are nothing more than modern lead balls. As you might expect, they never get any bids but you have to wonder what the seller is thinking.

Replica cartridges are another thing altogether. Someday, that may be our future as well. That or “virtual” cartridges.