Pist.Patr.08 mE (St+) without laquer?

Since a lot of years I have a Pist.Patr.08 mE (St+) cartidge in my collection, made bij FN under German uccupation.
Headstamp ch St+ 11 42. Black magnetic case and bullet.
This one has a steel case, but no trace / evindence of laquer at all. It is not cleaned, the black bullet is originally black.

Today I found exactly the same cartdigde in an old collection I buyed. Also no trace/evidence at all of laquer, also an origianal bullet black.

Is it possible/true, they made steel cases, send originally from the factory into the field, without any laquer?

Edit: Same on a 3th one, with headstampr ch St+ 43 15

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They look like the 7,65 steel cases (long and short) made in France under German control during ww2

Jaco, I have several ones of the same lot (ch St+ 11 42) and all lacquered. Just a coincidence?

Very strange Dirk, I do not think it’s a coincidence, there is absolutely no trace of laquer on my 3 examples.
It’s not removed by gritblasting or throught time, the bullets are nice black (specially one is) And so is the black primercolor