Pistol ammunition chart Germany WW.II

Here is a Pistol ammunition chart -click into the chart for a better view!


Great chart!!! Thanks!

It looks like the monthly production of each caliber and the total production since Sept 1939.

Can you tell me what year the production figures are from. I assume it is total production since a quick glance I didn’t see a factory name on the chart.

Any info appreciated.

Cheers Lew

What is the “9 mm M22” caliber listed in the chart?

Pivi - “M22” (actually, vz 22) is the Czech designation for the 9mm Corto (.380 Auto) cartridge. Some people think it applies to the rebated rim version, what is called the 9mm Nickl, but that is not true. There are early 1924 dated, full rim 9mm Corto cartridges with “Vz 22” right on the headstamp. I wish I had one! It is the equivalent of the Italian 9M34 round. I suppose the Germans showed all three rounds due to slight powder charge differences and bullet shape differents (The chart shows 9M34 and 9mm Kurz as well). Funny, since they are all interchangeable in .380 auto pistols. I have shot all three types in my Beretta, although my Czech rounds I shot once were not, of course, the ones with Vz.22 headstamp, but still designated that way. I actually shot .380 rounds from about twenty sources, as I was using up a surplus of dupes in that caliber.

Pivi et al: while I bewlieve my comments to be generally accurate in my last posting on this thread, it appears from the nice cartirdge interchangeability chart posted by our friend Genkideskan that I misinterpreted the entry for the Pistolen Patrone 9mm M34. I am afraid I think in terms of the original designation by the developing country when I use military designations for cartridges. It is true that in italy, the 9mm M34 pistol cartridge is the .380 auto (9mm Kurz, Corto, Court, Scurt, etc.). Howeever, I am pretty sure that the 9 M34 cartridge referred to on the chart is the 9 x 25mm Mauser Export cartridge (DWM 487), as used in the Austrian Steyr Solothurn SMG Model 1934. I believe the German designation for the cartridge in that case is M34(