Pistol AP book - hardcover or PDF file

Update: For anyone who has purchased this book from me in the past, I will have .pdf files on CD at SLICS to give out for $5.00 which will contain a much updated version of the book.

I can now take pre-orders for my latest run of the Pistol Caliber Penetrators book in hardcover. I wont have an abridged softcover version this time, but I plan on getting around 20 hardcovers done up. This will be probably be the last time I’ll be having books made to sell direct, as after this I am going to resolve a way to upload the book to lulu.com for purchase via Amazon on-demand (I hope). I have checked the pricing, and the same exact hardcover book will end up being a little bit more expensive through Lulu.com even if I set my profit margin at around 5% (nothing). So you might want to take advantage of this hardcover run. If you bought a book from me at SLICS 2011 or in the last 6 months, then this version probably isn’t worth the upgrade as the price will be $65.00, but you might consider the PDF version. I can sell the PDF version to IAA members only (trusting to keep it safe) and this is also a great thing to get if you have an E-reader or tablet that can translate PDF files. The PDF is $25.00. This most recent version of the book is 353 pages, with over 80 being full color photo pages. Just PM me if you’re interested.



Please send me an e-mail. Had a computer crash and lost all of my mail box address. Thanks.

Butch D.