Pistol bullets wanted - have trades


For some research and dissection, I am looking for the following cartridges and/or bullets (For trade I have some pistol-caliber AP cartridges, lots of special-purpose / less-lethal 12ga shells, or a copy of my pistol-caliber AP ammo book for the right combination or quantity of the following cartridges):

Hirtenberger EMB - 9mm
Remington Shot-Lokt - .45acp shotshell
A-Merc A.D.E. 9mm or .45acp
Longbow 9mm or PMC Green 9mm - frangible
Thunderzap .38spl - can be poor condition specimen
Powerplus Bee-hive - 9mm or any caliber
PPS Duplex, Triplex and Quadraplex - any caliber
Dela industries flare - 9mm or any caliber
Gyrojet 12mm or 13mm - can be poor condition specimen
Any 38spl C.A.D.
National Cartridge - 38spl “Black steel” AP or 9mm tracer