Pistol caliber AP book for sale


I finally have enough bugs worked out and corrections made that I don’t mind offering my pistol caliber Armor piercing ammo book for sale on a slightly larger scale. It is basically two parts = first part (third) is all about state and federal laws, whilst the remaining 2/3rds is all about history, media coverage, patents and specifications of such ammo with lots of color photos. It is around 250 pages (44 color photo pages, 10 B&W photo pages) and seems to be ever growing, but now it is at a pretty good stage of essential completion. These come binder-bound on 32lb premium white paper and are $35.00 each plus shipping, which basically covers my costs for these. I don’t mind selling at this price since I will value any corrections or suggestions from anyone who reviews it. I can make some more of these at this price for now, but eventually I’ll be using a web-based uploadable format where people can download or purchase hardcover versions, and this will be more expensive. I don’t have a digital-only version of this right now since my photo pages and text pages are separate, and each photo page is separate. Here are some sample pages: