Pistol caliber snap caps

I’m trying to fill out a collection of pistol snap caps and I have hit a wall with trying to get a few of the snap cap variations which originate in Italy. (scroll to bottom of message for pics of snap caps). Wondering if any Italian collectors can help since these are inert non-ammo and might be able to ship?

What I have been able to discern is that the company Omniaplast out of Senago- Milan, is the source manufacturer for many of the red plastic snap caps that we see around the world, and these are distributed to a vairety of other buyers through the export/import firm “The Four Company” - TFC-srl. They also do a few aluminum snap caps, but not nearly as many as the red (blue in Pachmayr’s case) plastic variety.

The list of snap caps coming through them with unique brand markings that I know of is:

Omniaplast plastic (their own brand)
Omniaplast aluminum (their own brand)
TFC - (The Four Company’s default distributed version - nobody gets these)
Tipton (Battenfield)
Armsport (became Triple K)
Triple K plastic
Triple K aluminum
Stil Crin (red anodized aluminum)
Stil Crin (plain aluminum with writing)
Pachmayr (blue)
Beretta (without brass base cap?)
Unknown blue aluminum

All of the red plastic ones are basically the exact same thing except for the printing of the brand name on the side. The aluminum ones come in red, and plain aluminum color with different markings, and Pachmayr has their plastic one in blue.

I am having trouble finding the original Omniaplast & TFC marked ones in plastic and aluminum as these seem to only be available in Italy, and the very few sites that sell these only ship to address in Italy. The Stil-Crin brand I have only seen on some Australian & New Zealand sporting goods sites as well as Beretta’s Australia site for some reason, but these originate from Italy I assume? The Australian & New Zealand sites seem to either be out of stock on them, or else will not ship out of country… The Beretta brand snap caps (which look weird without the brass base cap) are found only from Beretta’s Italian site Beretta.it. Does anyone have a line on buying these where they can be shipped internationally, or does anybody in Italy collect these? I mostly look for 9mm since I want pistol calibers, and since it seems to be the most commonly available one.

On a side note, I know there is also the Azoom brand, but these look different and are not made by Omniaplast I assume? It looks like domestically the Azoom and CSMC brand are the same thing.


Omniaplast blister pack:

Stil Crin plain aluminum:

Stil Crin red aluminum:

Beretta’s snap caps:

The Stil Crin blister pack above resembles the default packaging that comes from The Four Company. Most resellers who have their name put on the snap caps will use their own brand-marked packing, like Tipton or Triple-K.

I see that a few Italian retailers are also selling these blue aluminum ones:
http://www.ferraioli.com/catalogo/884-salvapercussore-9x19.asp - a brand name is not mentioned but I assume it is from Omniaplast?

Thanks for any insight - Matt

Do you know if any of them make versions in 7.62x25 Tokarev/Mauser?

Jon - The only 7.62x25 snap cap that I have been able to get my hands on is from Azoom, and Graf & sons were the only ones that I found with it in stock (though I see that they are now out of stock): http://www.grafs.com/product/254403 - The photo shown on that link is wrong and the actual cap is shaped just like a real 7.62x25 cartridge. I do have a couple extra if you like? And Graf also lists the 7.63 Mauser as a different stock numbered Azoom snap cap which shows as available: http://www.grafs.com/product/254401 - again with the wrong pic shown. Saf-T-Trainers also shows one in orange plastic, (but not available in yellow?), shown here: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/sid=40844/pid=9923/sku/7_62x25_Orange__Qty_10


If anybody else is interested in these sorts of snap caps or dummy/training cartridges (great for international collecting) I have also recently come across all of these:




Saf-T-Trainers (orange & yellow):

Airsoft plugfire adapters:

S.T. action pro triners:


Safety bullet:

Sightmark laser:

Also, an interesting thing on Armsport snap caps is that they originally had white & yellow blister packs with red plastic snap caps that actually said “Armsport” on the caps in white lettering, but then transitioned to having “Triple K” written on the snap caps, but still in the white & yellow packing, and then finally switched to Triple K packs with Triple K printed snap caps. See transition below:

Original Armsport pack & caps:

Armsport pack with Triple-K printed caps:

Triple-K pack with Trilpe-K printed caps:

I have never collected these snap caps , but I can call some italian dealers.
I know where the A-zoom snap caps can be found,they are machined alluminium in most calibers,including 7.62 Tokarev and 7.63 Mauser

I have already seen the omniaplast snap caps in some catalogs I have at home,will let you know.

Anyway , I could buy the snap cap described in the link you posted but the minimum order is for 20 euro that should be added to the shipping costs.Too much expensive for a 2,5 euro snap cap!

You didn’t mention the Mega Line snap caps ,made in plastic and marketed in 6 pieces boxes.Available calibers:
32 S&W , 9x21/Para , 380 ACP , 40 S&W/ 10 auto , 45HP/ACP , 45 Colt , 38 /357 , 44 S&W .Each box of 6 snap caps costs 6 euro , but the minimum order is 50 euros

Thanks Pivi - yes I always try to buy the least expensive ones I can find, in the smallest quantities. If anybody buys these for themselves for collecting, I would gladly buy the empty package and just 2 of the caps from you for the full price plus shipping cost - then you can keep 3 caps for yourself.

Thanks for the mention of the Mega brand - I will have to look for that one!

Let me make some phone calls

Found Megaline… looks like they offer red & blue plastic pistol-caliber snap caps with their own marked blister-packs, but the snap caps themselves are unmarked. I have noticed that Beretta also sells these as unmarked caps. It’s the Omniaplast manufacturing line for sure, but good to see another package variation and an unmarked cap version:


While everyone is looking for Snap-Caps, I would appreciate it if anyone finding any in 7.62x39 would let me know the details. I know about the AZOOM and Orange Plastic ones.
If anyone has any 7.62x39 Snap-Caps for sale, let me know.

Thanks, Matt, I have the orange plastic and the A-Zoom.

I was on the road when this was first posted so here is a late contribution.
Below are the five basic styles I know of in 9x19mm. The two on the far right appear to be identical construction but one is blue and the other is red.

From Left to Right:

  1. The most common style I have with the round blunt bullet and the spring that goes all the way to the tip. These appear to be the most common production by/for Omniplast. Known side labels are:

             Triple K
              Tipton  TM
              9 Pb. ITALY
              TRADITIONS TM
               9 Pb - ITALY
               9 Para - brev.
               9 Pb-BREV. ITALY    (most current I have)
              9 Pb
              9 Pb ITALY
              (all in black)
  2. The next most common with a more pointed bullet and a spring that goes all the way to the tip

             9 Para
              berv.    (written longways)
            9Pb - M. Italy
            9Pb - M. Italy
              TFC  SpA
              9 pB -
  3. This snapcap has a truncated bullet with a shorter, larger diameter spring held back from the front of the bullet. No marking on the side.

  4. A round-nose snapcap with a reinforced nose and a shorter, larger diameter spring. No marking on the side.

  5. Same as #4, but in blue plastic.
    9 PB ITALY


DKConfiguration, you mentioned you found some different ones on New Zealand websites and they wont ship them.
Send me a PM or email and I will take care of anything you need. I have dealt with some very helpful overseas collectors over the years,
and it would be my pleasure to help you out.
I am in Christchurch, New Zealand but I can also easily get stuff out of Australia for you :)
Let me know

Lew - Looking at the case length, which is shorter than the round next to it, and the “bullet shape”, I am inclined to believe that your Number 3 Sanp Cap, now that I think about it, is not 9mm Parabellum. I believe it is 9 x 18 mm Police. That was a legal caliber in Italy for a time - maybe still is - since the Italian Police or military never adopted it. Further, Fiocchi made ammunition in that caliber, and perhaps still does.

You might take some careful measurements of it.

Please let me know your findings. I had the first 9mm Ultra/Police round in the United States in early 1972 - I got it at the SIG factory, and in fact, it was loaded there in my prescence specifically for me. Since then I have made a pretty big study of this round, although not recently because it is pretty much a dead issue. I do have a good file on it though.

The case length in your picture, the bullet profile, and the cartridge OAL all point to the 9 x 18 mm Police.

the 9 x 18 ,along with the 9 mm Steyr has been ,for a long time,the only 9 mm cartridges legally usable in Italy , since both the 9 mm Short ( 380 ACP) and the 9 mm Para were considered military cartridges not allowed for civilian use and the 9 x 21 IMI wasn’t born yet.The most famous pistols marketed here in that caliber were the Steyr GB ,the SIG SAUER and the Pardini

Now things have changed a little,since the 380 ACP is widely used and the 9 x 21 IMI is a good replacement for the 9 mm Para
( that is still illegal here)The 9 x 18 has always been legal here and still is,although is a rather uncommon cartridge

John, Good eye! I have wondered about this one before, but the caselength is 18.51mm so it is a bit long for the 9mm Police if those cases are really 18mm!

I decided to keep it in my collection until someone shows me a labeled packet that shows it is something else! It doesn’t take up much room and it doesn’t eat much so it is easy to keep it!

I should have provided the measurement when I posted the photo.



Lew - that is a long measurement for a 9 x 18 mm Police which is usually given as about 17.78 to 17.90 mm. 9mm Parabellum is given as from 18.80 to 19.20, so one can see the spread of allowable measurements.

I measured three known Italian plastic snapcaps of the type in question, ranging the years of production I think, with the third being the blue Pachmary one. Measurements were as follows - the Packmayr is the only where I bothered to take several measurements. It was not proven to be very precision.

the Three were 19.83 mm; 19.12 mm, and the Pachmayr running from 19.49 to 19.59 mm. An average of about 19.50 mm, not quite one full mm longer than the one I think is 9 x 18.

I agree the package is needed, although I would wager that the definitive feature is the bullet shape and not the case measurement, which are way off normal measurements in most of the calibers they make, but closed enough to jam the plastic into the chamber. Maybe that’s why they break so easily. We sold them in our store until athe A-Zooms came out, and then sold them out and stopped carrying them. I won’t even ask the head and base measurements, because I don’t think it would prove anything.

John Moss

John Moss

I can’t add much to this post, except to post a couple of pictures of a sectioned round…



John Moss tells me he has a very dark red Snapcap which he will give me----or maybe he said he will give me a pic of it!

Anyway, does anybody else have examples of other 9x19mm plastic snapcaps of this sort? Would love to document them. I know there must be a bunch that I have missed.



Paul, I hope the one you posted is a 45 ACP cause it is different from any of my 9mms!!!


Heh, something I can help Lew with!

That number 3 of yours is identical to a Pachmayr one I have which is definitely 9mmP.
I purchased 6 of them in a blister pack in 1997 in South Africa.