Pistol caliber snap caps

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Sorry about the bad picture quality, I lost my camera and have to use my phone. That dummy you see there has been used extensively in my Vektor CP1 9mmP pistol. Sold in blister packs of 6, in South Africa 1997.
Sorry, I don’t have the packaging.

I also have an unknown 9mmP dummy round made entirely from plastic, but it is an opaque plastic kind of like opal 050 (nearest colour is white, in thin section it would be semi-opaque).

Paul, I overlayed an X-ray of mine against the sectioned insert you have, and it looks like the shape of the insert is also different, not just the plastic ogive when comparing the two Pachmayr styles:


Darker grey outline is yours, light yellow outer outline is mine, comparing metal part only. There will be some size differences because of X-ray vs photograph (neither one is calibrated) but if you look at the changes in contour, you can see they are different.

Odd job - what is the case length measurement of the one you have marked Pachmayr, that you believe is the same as Curtis #3? Also, what is the overall length of yours?

John Moss

Hi John

Overall length is 26.98mm
’Case’ length is 18.59mm

Just found another one I hadn’t noticed before. It works just like the Safety bullet, but it is called the “Safeshell”:


John Moss just sent me another 9mm Snap Cap photo by Omniaplast (probably) that is similar in construction to my #4, but in a very dark red plastic. Note it has the short, wide spring like my #4 and the Blue #5. but this spring seems to go further into the tip than #4, but not nearly as far as #1. Lets call this variation #6

Note it is sitting next to a #1 style with TRADITIONS on it.


Any more variations out there???


Odd Job, Can you post a photo of your opal/White snap cap. Have never heard of that one before.






Overall length is 29.74mm
‘Case’ length is 19.42mm

I don’t know the brand, never saw the package. These were loose dummy rounds supplied to us by a member of the South African Police Service during a pistol training course in South Africa in 2002.

Sorry again for the bad picture quality, you can’t know how much it grates me posting pictures like that but I don’t have a camera and have to use my phone.

Siolid plastic dummies have been made by many companies. I have one similar to your white one, but from Italy, and it is sort of a dark pink color. I have a blue plastic one from Australia, made only for one police agency, in .40 S&W, made in Australia.

Of the course, the American orange ones are common. I have those in many calibers.

John Moss

Lew,DK,Ron and John,you have an e mail

John Moss has sent me a photo of two Snapcaps of a different style than I have seen before. These two have a distinctively different bullet style and the spring goes further forward than any of the styles I have pictured before. I think the consturction is quite close to the unmarked, dark red snapcap that John sent in a photo of earlier. Does anyone else have examples of this style of Omniaplast style snapcap?


Two marking styles:

9 PB ITALY 27.22 mm OAL

9PbItaly 27.53 mm OAL

Another couple of Snapcaps for me to chase!!!

Anyone with the package for these?



Since we are covering Italian snap caps, I decided I might just as well show all of mine. I am sure there are many I don’t have. Unfortunately, it was a nightmare putting them on the glass plate of the scanner so they wouldn’t roll around, and then once set, slowly rolling each one to show the printing, or as much as can be shown in a flat plane. The ones that do not show any marking are unmarked. Setting them I made a goof. I intended a progression upward in caliber from left to right, first ros down to second row. Unfortunately, I placed the cartridges backwards, so by caliber, they are RIGHT TO LEFT, not the normal left to right. The calibers are:

Top Row

First five - 7.65 Browning/.32 Auto
Next two - 7.65 Parabellum, the first of which is unmarked pale blue.
Next six - 9mm Kurz/.380 Auto. The last one is unmarked.
Next fourteen - 9 mm Parabellum (9x19 mm). The first is unmarked and a
darker red than most.
Next three - 9 x 21 mm. The first is pale blue and unmakred. the last
is red and unmarked.

Bottom Row:

First two - 9 mm Steyr. First is unmarked pale blue. Second has caliber
marking only above abrreviation “Brev.” for pateneted.
Next nine - 40 Smith and Wesson
Next and final fourteen - .45 A.C.P. The fourth .45 from right is
unmarked. the eleventh is marked on with caliber vertically. I did not
roll that one far enough, and just couldn’t take the time to try to roll
it and retack the whole scan. If you look hard enough you can see the
caliber marking on the right edge of the cartridge. The last one is
unamerked with a darker red case and a different shape bullet ogive than
most of the .45s.

The best way to view these is to print it out, landscaped and enlarged
to fill the paper. I am sure it will be hard to tell what each is on
the screen of your computer, but this was the best I could do. Setting
this up - round plastic cartridges on a scanner glass plate, with my
scanner behind my computer screen (I have little room on the desk), was
a nightmare.

Photo and collection of John Moss

DK provided a photo of the the Safe Shell dummy on page 2 of this thread. Below is the package.

This appears to be very similar to the Safety Bullet that has been previously covered by the Forum. The difference is that the Safety bullet uses a primer and must be reloaded or replaced after firing. The Safe Shell relies on the energy of the firing pin to extend the yellow plastic tip on the bullet and make the cartridge too long to eject-thus locking the gun. I have no idea how effectively it locks the gun. It is also pretty pricey at about $25 per cartridge. It is pretty though!!!



I just noticed another snap cap variation to go along with all the others mentioned in this thread. I think it must be new as of this past year? It’s from Carlson’s and looks like one of the red anodized aluminum type from Italy:
9mm = http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=592723







And there’s another new 9mm one from Harbour Arms listed as coming soon:
There are no pictures in the above link, but the Harbour Arms website shows some of their rifle snap caps and they are the red aluminum type, one of which looks like this:

Also, I notice for the first time this FNH 5.7 box of “manipulation” action proving loads:


I just came across these from Strike Industries. They make the dummies in 9x19, .45acp, .308, 7.62x39, and 5.56.


Also, came across these from Standard Mfg LLC (Chinese?). They have a custom headstamp of sorts, in the same fashion as the A-Zoom snap caps do. This company’s only other products are a dual-magazine bull-pup 12ga tactical shotgun (similar to the Kel Tec KSG), and a .22lr version of the Thompson SMG.




I’m in the rabbit-hole now… Finding that ST-Action Pro has also come out with a yellow tip version at some point in recent years. They had previously only produced an orange tip:



And then there is the STR and OTR dummies from Qualification Targets:





This pack of blue aluminum snap caps is shown at Scheels, and is definitely a different package style, but the photo doesn’t allow zooming in, so not sure on details:


Of course you need some “zombie-green” plastic training dummies. No idea on manufacturer, but these look identical to the “Saf-t-trainers” sold in yellow & orange by Brownells:


Then there are these green aluminum snap caps which look very similar to the dark red type known from Italy, and more recent dark blue versions seen in Europe:


FAB Defense in Israel is making a red plastic trainer, and has another type with a barrel-blocker tab. These appear to be retailed throughout the U.S. and U.K…:




Matt - will you be stocking any of these? Incredible the amount coming out.