Pistol Cutaways Help Matt Collins

I’m a lazy maroon who forgot to write down what these are, again! Can you please help with the names of the rounds? Thanks
Top row head stamps:
Omnishock 38cal
Omnishock 9mm
SBR 7.65 steel core
HPR 45 Auto
Winchester Super 44 rem mag
Bottom Row:
9x19 SR MEN 04 F0501
NOS 9mm+p
Speer 14 9mm
Polycase Fire Fly tracer 9mm

The “SBR” 7.65 should be a S&B - Sellier & Bellot steel core.
The HPR is a “Black Ops”.
The Winchester SCHP is a “Razorback XT”.
The 9mm M.E.N. load is a QD PEP-II
The NOS is a Nosler "Bonded Tipped"
The Speer is a Gold Dot “G2” with a filled tip
The Polycase is indeed a “Firefly” frangible tracer.

Great sections

The “SBR” indeed look exactly like Sellier & Bellot (non hardened) steel cored 7.65 as sold in Germany during the early seventies. There was no hint on the box regarding the core. I discovered its presence only when disassembling the cartridge.

Could it be SBP instead of SBR?