(PL) 26 mm nabój zakłócający termiczny NT-26 / IR decoy flare

26 mm nabój zakłócający termiczny NT-26 / IR decoy flare


  • caliber - 26 mm
  • case lenght - c. 76mm (?)
  • electric firing,
  • thermal element, cylindrical, burning on the entire surface,
  • weight of the thermal element 35 g ± 10g
  • time of infrared radiation emission in real conditions 4.5 s ± 1.5,

(other coming soon)

NT-26 cartridge is intended for an individual cover / passive defense of an aircraft (aircraft or helicopter) prior to hitting directed air-to-air or surface-to-air missiles, equipped with self-guiding heads for infrared radiation sources as its emitters are usually hot engine exhaust nozzles / engines.

RYC.XX An example image of a thermal signature of an aircraft in the IR spectrum

The cartridges are fired from special devices called BWP-30-26 or ASO-2 ejector cartridges (in a colloquial language also called flare and dipole ejectors).

The firing of cartridges (in series) takes place in the event of a threat to the aircraft.

The cover is realized by creating an apparent thermal target or otherwise a thermal trap which emits strong heat radiation with maximum energy in the 3-5 μm wavelength range, with an initial power of not less than 1 [kW] for a minimum period of 3 seconds.

Burning thermal elements disrupt the thermal field near the aircraft, concealing its thermal signature, reducing or even preventing the risk of directly hitting the missile (performing evasive maneuvers at the same time).

RYC.XX MiG 29 z 23 Bazy Lotnictwa Taktycznego w Mińsku Mazowieckim puszczający pułapki termiczne (flary) typu NT-26/PPI-26 – (fot. Radosław Zaborski)


Piotr, thanks a lot for this info!
Is there maybe a photo of the headstamp and primer?