(PL) 26mm nabój specjalny BĄK / 26 mm special cartridge BĄK (trans. GADFLY)

26mm nabój specjalny BĄK / 26 mm special cartridge BĄK (trans. GADFLY)

The 26/150 mm BĄK special cartridge was created next to other special cartridges for the RGZ-86 revolver gun in the mid-1980s. It is a type of direct coercion with a non-penetrating projectil.

Its glaring element is a single rubber ball made of hard rubber in black, placed in a case with the following parameters:

  • mass rubber ball - 9.05 [g].
  • diameter of the rubber ball - 24 [mm].
  • initial speed - 130 [m / s].

The minimum safe distance of the shot is determined at 5 [m] due to the muzzle velocity and the action of gunshot gases. The maximum effective shot distance is 20 [m], shooting above this distance is considered ineffective because of the decrease in accuracy and energy of the incapacitating element.

According to data at a distance of 20 m after launch, the projectile has kinetic energy in the range of 20-70 [J]. Usage parameters indicate that at a distance of 20 [m] for a shield with dimensions 100x100 [cm] the minimum focus is 50 [%].

A characteristic distinguishing feature of the cartridge is the word “BĄK” in green ink (stamped), placed horizontally on a cardboard husk halfway up the cartridge. Scales in a natural color (gray paper cardboard) without color variations.
On the copies from the later production, the date of production is also placed in the form of a vertical inscription on the opposite side, eg “ROK PROD. 97”.
The cartridge has an open case, because the topwads is placed deep inside it. It does not have any characteristic indications.


The cartridges were packaged individually in packages made of gray paper, 5 pieces each. Information about the type of ammunition was printed on the paper (without providing a name).


fot. M.Kaszczyk

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