PL ammo books 2019

Polish pistol ammunition 9 mm “Parabellum” 1932 - 1939
145 pages, PL language, 165 x 235 mm, 76 drawings, 39 photos, 15 tables
ISBN 978-83-954715-0-6
Cooming soon ~month.

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Polish HV rifle ammunition 1931 - 1939
200 pages, PL language, 165 x 235 mm, never published photos and archive data of experimental ammunition, drawings, TC cores ammo, conical barrels and chapters on German Halger ammunition. Research from 2019 - 7.9 x 107 ammunition elements and armored plates.
ISBN 978-83-954715-1-3
Cooming soon ~two month

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Probably in autumn - Artillery ammunition in Polish Army 1918-1939 / catalog (museums and private collections, preliminary analysis of artillery ammunition). Lots of experimental ammunition.
400+ pages, PL language, A4 format

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I can only hope it has some English text in it because it sure looks pretty interesting.

Hi I would like to ask how much will cost the book with rifle ammo. Pavel

Please let us know when you publish! It would be great if you could do an English translation booklet like Wilhelm Micke did in his German language books.

There is an idea for a full English edition, if it succeeds at all, it is a rather long or very long term.
I had an offer for translation, pro, with native speaker. ~ 32 eur per B5 page.

For this moment i calculate near 30 eur.

in my exerience of creating an English version of my ballistics book, the important thing is to have someone who knows the correct English ammunition-related terms. An “ordinary” native speaker of English is of not much help, because he/she usually has no knowledge in the ammunition field. In other words, the translator’s grip on the English technical terms is far more important than the ability to correctly translate linguistic subtleties. At least in my view.
Apart from that, as you have mentioned, the cost of a professional translator or even only a proofreader is prohibitive in view of the limited number of copies one can expect to sell.

Yes, technical words are a priority, + old version of words in quotes. I have an idea but I don’t know if it will work.

how can a US resident obtain a copy? yes English would be great, but I have freinds who speak read Polish! John Guenther

Hi, I will let you know at the end of the month.

Polish pistol ammunition 9 mm “Parabellum” 1932 - 1939
145 pages, PL language, 165 x 235 mm, 76 drawings, 39 photos, 15 tables
ISBN 978-83-954715-0-6

16 EUR / 17,5 USD

Shipping [1 pc. in registered letter]:
to EU: 4,8 EUR
to US: 6,5 USD

Info about more books in one parcel - in priv message.



Id buy one for sure! my polish is just too bad to get a polish version

I just did a book review on a book on German military rifles.
The translation from German included about a dozen or more goofy words.
My favourite was referring to “muzzle blast” as “puff”.