(PL) Ammo on vacation - MMW Gdynia

Some photos from Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni

IMG_20190803_111153 IMG_20190803_111204 IMG_20190803_111240 IMG_20190803_111240_1 IMG_20190803_111246 IMG_20190803_111256 IMG_20190803_111302 IMG_20190803_111307

IMG_20190803_111739 IMG_20190803_111749 IMG_20190803_134009 IMG_20190803_134023 IMG_20190803_134026 IMG_20190803_134045 IMG_20190803_134057 IMG_20190803_134111 IMG_20190803_134127 IMG_20190803_134155 IMG_20190803_134207 IMG_20190803_134208 IMG_20190803_134224 IMG_20190803_134243 IMG_20190803_134301 IMG_20190803_134307 IMG_20190803_134317 IMG_20190803_134330 IMG_20190803_134622 IMG_20190803_134717 IMG_20190803_134809 IMG_20190803_135745 IMG_20190803_135832


Very nice museum, & nice photos. Thanks

Great Pictures. Thanks for posting. I have four variations of that P-64 “Szkolny” 9 x 18 training pistol. I had never seen the P-83 “Szkolny” type with the red band on the grip. Very important to a near adult lifetime study of mine.

Thank you! If you ever are able to supply good quality pictures of simply the P-83 training pistol, I would love to have them thru a PM.

Edited to correct spelling of “Szkolny” only.

John Moss