(PL) ammunition from "Gewehrfabrik Danzig" 1919-1921

I’m looking for photos of unidentified 7,92x57 ammunition with markings from years 1919-1922, which may be related to the production of ammunition in Gdańsk by “Gewehrfabrik Danzig”.
Although it could be independent of it and could have produced in artillery workshops? (in my theory).

Some of the ammunition maybe was to be produced for a contract for Poland in 1920.

It is highly probable that such ammunition marking may consist only of a production date in the form of a year or a two-digit tip, without manufacturer code markings.

like this HS


I raise a little bit.
A letter to Sir Reginald Tower High Allied Commissioner of Gdansk from july 1920


You may know this already:
According to an article in the 14th Dec 1921 issue of newspaper Danziger Volkstimme the entire machinery, tools, models and drawings of Gewehrfabrik became property of Poland.
The city of Danzig received the office equipment and the buildings.
City and Poland originally could not reach an agreement and the above decision was made by the Verteilungsausschuss. Therefore, up to December 1921 it was an open question who owned the factory.

more precisely:

"The factory in Gdansk as a weapon manufacturer officially ceased operations on July 31, 1921. From September to December 1921, an expeditionary group under the command of mjr. S. Siczka prepared and sent to the country transports with equipment from the Gdansk factory. On this occasion, a large part of other machines from Gdansk (probably used mainly) were also purchased.

Taken over in this way, machines in the number of about 1000 items, accessories and stock of parts, semi-products and raw materials for the production of weapons and the ready-made weapon from Gdańsk went to the Państwowa Fabryka Karabinów (State Rifle Factory) (P.F.K.) in Warsaw."