(PL) Ammunition with prevent ricochet bullets OR - AKTYN


Amunicja o ograniczonym rykoszetowaniu OR – AKTYN
Ammunition with prevent ricochet bullets OR - AKTYN

Naboje o ograniczonym rykoszetowaniu (od lewej): 7,62x54R mm OR Mosin, 7, 62x51 mm OR NATO, 7,62x39 mm OR wz.1943, 9x19 mm OR Parabellum, 9x18 mm OR Makarow

Shooting range ammunition from Mesko: pistol ammunition with SJSP anti-ricochet bullets and rifle rounds with plastic-cored ball to prevent ricochets and reduce danger zones.





Pjotr, I think the rifle calibers are not plastic cored in this sense but they are following the DAG system where the plastic inserts will be pushed out by the gas pressure.




Can you tell us what the “OR” stands for, in both Polish and
English, in parenthesis after the main designation of these
cartridges? Is it “ograniczonym-rykoszetowaniu-aktyn,” and if it
is, was does that mean in English?

Thank you.

John Moss


ok lets try…

OR is abbrevation from “Ograniczone Rykoszetowanie” that means in english probably reduced or preventing ricochets.

AKTYN - Aktyn that is Actinium (Ac). This is the tradition of giving military projects the names of chemical elements or minerals like Lantan=lanthanum, Cez=cesium, Beryl=beryllium


Ammunitions OR are protected by four patents no .: PL 205 378, PL 205 852, PL 206 219;PL 208 703.





Przemek and Pjotr, this is great info!!!
Thanks a lot!


Great stuff, my friends. Thank you.

The translation of OR leaves me with a second needed
translation, and that is “…z pociskami cwiczebnymi.” I
know the first two words mean “Pistol cartridge.”

I wish I read Polish. What a fabulous amount of documentation
you guys have provided access to! Thanks again.

John M.


For what it is worth, the Google translation = with training bullets



who’s bringing them to SLICS ? :)


From Mesko catalog:




early catalog from c.2010

look for white plastic bullet tip