(PL) Blank cartridges 5,6x16 mm Kolter

Nabój hukowy 5,6x16 mm Kolter
Blank cartridges 5,6x16 mm Kolter

Ammo made special for firm Kolter by Sellier&Bellot (?)

Naboje alarmowe typu 5,6 mm Mega Huk


Naboje hukowe 5,6x16 z adapterami do pistoletu Phantom
Blank ctg’s 5,6x16 mm with Phantom pistol adapters

Pistolet hukowy PHANTOM 5,6mm

Pistolet hukowy STALKER M906

Pjotr, those I know about are made by S&B. You also can see the headstamp here:

An earlier Turkish made “Phantom” pistol using adapters was made for Rossimportoruzhiye (RIO) in Russia -an importer of Brazilian made guns and ammunition- and certified in 2015. However, the adapters of the Russian version are zinc or brass colored and use Hilti industrial cartridges that came in standard packaging.

Fede, what caliber are these adapters if that term applies to them?

Actually using tool blanks in adapters is way less expensive than the blanks in 8mm PAK or 9mm PA.

I wonder that there are no blank firing revolvers chambered for these tool blanks.
Sure some smart law would prohibit certification of such a device here in Germany…

Alex, they do not have any kind of caliber designation, which is usually the norm for adapters made for chambers with unique dimensions.

Ok, so it is not like 8mm PAK or 9mm PA ?

No, and you can’t use any other cartridge in these pistols. The reason is that, according to Russian regulations, blank and signaling guns with a caliber up to 6 mm do not require a license, just being 18 years of age or older. Before this solution, the Turkish company tried with a similar pistol chambered for Hilti .22 blanks (5.6x16R) without adapters, but didn’t work out well (too many jams).

Yes, weird gun laws must be it! Thanks for the clarification.

Same reasons for Polish market.