(PL) Dreyse F.G. Mod.60 from Gdańsk/Danzig


Ammunition for Dreyse needle fire gun F.G. Mod.60 made by arsenal in Gdańsk (Danzig)

Amunicja do karabinu sytemu Dreyse F.G Mod.60 wykonana w Arsenale Królewskim w Gdańsku (Danzig)


Ze zbiorów: Muzeum Medycyny Sądowej we Wrocławiu
From the collection: Museum of Forensic Medicine in Wroclaw


Extra ordinary, thanks for sharing! Any more treasures there?

Dziękuję, Hans


The next ctg probably training.
Gray paper, gray (?) thread .Inside wooden rod with hole (not confirmed)



Wow, thanks for showing. I am impressed.



Piotr, do you have more information about these cartridges? The inscription looks “recent” and copied from the left side of a Danzig M. 1860 rifle.


I have this in hand only for a moment… but I don’t think so that is reproduction.

Maybe in future I will have access to X-ray images and other data.

Tommorow picture at last - blank type



I agree in that the cartridges look correct, but in my opinion the markings look out of place and added on a later date using the Danzig rifle as reference. Also, there never was a cartridge specifically made fro the F.G. M. 1860 rifle.




For me It’s look that the marking was applied to the paper before the cartridge was rolled up.


and the last - blank / salve