(PL) nbe - Hasag Tschenstochau


Under the code nbe found on ammunition from IIWW is hiding:
Heres-Abnahmestele b.d. Firma Hasag Eisen-und Metallwerke G.m.b.H Apparatebau Tschenstochau (Częstochowa)

Operating during the IIWW on polish territory under german occupation.

today it looks like this:

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I will be sad tomorrow from tomorrow.

Today, however, I will be happy:
What is sadness for, what is it for?
Because it blows unfavorable wind?
Why should I worry about tomorrow today?
Maybe tomorrow everything will be clear
Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine.
And there will be no reason for sadness.
I will be sad tomorrow from tomorrow.
But today, today I will be happy
and I will say to every sad day:
I will be sad until tomorrow.

Not today.

A poem written by one Jewish boy in the ghetto - 1941.



Almost valid from 2003, but we can improve it with a somewhat monographic article maybe

At the end of 1943, another ammunition plant was opened in occupied Poland, and the previously mentioned “Hasag” company produced Mauser rifle ammunition in a factory located in Częstochowa. The plant used the letter code “nbe” and its full name was Hasag Eisen- und Metallwerke GmBH, Werk Apparatebau Tschenstochau. In 1943, it was possible to produce only one series, for the next year production lasted all the time, while in 1945, as a result of the approaching Eastern Front, only three series of rifle ammunition were produced.




A small note.

In 1944 „nbe“ produced 30 lots of 8mm Mauser ammunition.




series 28 from 14 october 1944


Very nice box Label!!!



HASAG-Pelcery in wartime

Copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Hope the history and lessons learned from the Holocaust are never forgotten!


stamp - version from 1942


This document (Arbeitkarte) shows the exact date of the takeover of the plants by HASAG.


The plants were bought from the previous french owner for approximately 2.5 million marks.

Perhaps it is also the date of end of production and preparations for the evacuation of plants



Economic Expansion of the HASAG Concern in the Radom District (1939-1945) and Its Impact on Częstochowa Labor Camps for Jews

Felicia Karay