(PL) Short about history shotshells ammo


This is short review paper about history shotshells ammunition published on pages:
Archiwum Medycyny Sądowej i Kryminologii / Archives of Forensic Medicine and Criminology

Śrut myśliwski – ewolucja technologii jego wytwarzania / Hunting shot – evolution of manufacturing technology
Arch Med Sąd Kryminol 2016; 66 (1): 41–64


(https://www.termedia.pl/Czasopismo/-82/pdf-28332-10?filename=srut mysliwski.pdf)

Amunicja myśliwska do broni gładkolufowej – przegląd historyczny / Smoothbore hunting ammunition – a historical overview
Arch Med Sąd Kryminol 2017; 67 (1): 68-89


and more… maybe soon


Hi Pjotr,
Interesting work!!
thanks for sharing.

Do you perhaps have better pictures of the pinfire shotshell you show in the last pdf adobe file??

regards rene


Hi Rene

Sorry but not. Picture is from another autor prof. Tadeusz Dobosz from Wroclaw Medical University.
I’m interested history shotshell but he is more crazy than me ;)
I send you on PM adress for him.



Yes, I agree with Rene, interesting. thank you for sharing.