(PL) Wytwórnia Amunicji GROM / Poland


Wytwórnia Amunicji GROM / Poland

  • produced 9x19 Para
  • used all HS /from fired case 9x19
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Interesting! They seem to reload brass and have quite an array of headstamps in their boxes.


Just to illustrate, images from the web:


These are exactly the kind of stuff wheere great hsts show up. In similar ARES headstamps three different 9mmP with Kenyan headstamps showed up.



So are these military-produced reloads that are sold commercially? Similar to some of the Chilean 7.62x51 that came in recently?


To what I see these are commercial. Military would not use reloaded cases and the packing would be differently marked.


The most interesting cases I have seen in these boxes are those manufactured by STV with “STV 9mm LUGER” headstamp. Are these easy to find in Europe?


Not common but they do show up!



new HS :)


and packing


The cases of Turkish production?


A few years ago I recorded that GROM (Thunder) is a Prvi Partizan tradename used by 2004 for a type of bullet loaded in their own ammunition mainly sporting rifle.

Maybe it is still produced by PPU or maybe the tradename has been purchased from a company in Poland ?


Another new headstamp!!! I hope a can or two of these make their way to the Czech meeting in a couple of weeks.

There appears to be a “Made in Poland” marking on the label. Is there a full company address on the label. There looks like on on the middle row in the image but I can’t read it.

If PPU owns the name GROM, the question is whether they registered the name in Poland or wherever else the Polish company is selling the ammunition.

Great info! Thanks!!!



At this time, no answer from firm, but waiting still.