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This post is a compilation & revised post which reflects an earlier thread discussion on the topic of where to purchase collectible ammunition online. I made this a sticky so that it will appear at the top as a reference. The sites listed below are in no particular order. Bear in mind that cartridge collector shows remain the best source for cartridges, and you can find information on those under the “events” tab on the cartridgecollectors homepage. (John Spangler’s site) (Dave Call’s site) (Guy Hildebrand’s site) (Pete DeCoux’s website - periodic auctions) (Keith Lampear’s site) (Vic Engel’s website - periodic auctions) (Ray T Giles’ site) (Mel Carpenter’s website, MBA & gyrojet items) (Aaron Newcomer’s site - pinfires for sale) (Gary Reuzse’s site) (Ken; he’s an IAA member) (Classic Firearms & parts - ammo section) (also has a section for 22 boxes on the home page) Simpson LTD - lots of surplus military ammo - and commercial. (mostly .22 boxes, but other calibers are under the “pistol & rifle boxes” links) (some collector military stuff) (you have to click on the “ammo” tab to select different categories (McKune’s - lots of 22 boxes) (Lee Cogar always has some collectible military ammo for sale) (in Payson, AZ - many rare boxes, some very expensive) - In Texas, mostly military boxes - mostly civil war and WWII era stuff. (scroll to the bottom of each page for an arrow to click on which leads to another page of listings) - John Roth in Colorado - older U.S. (expensive stuff, has other ammo links under the “inventory” tab) - U.S. Military - mostly dug civil war bullets, a few pinfires - Old Western Scrounger (Big Sky Surplus) (civil war cartridges)

Then there are the big auction websites, most notably (you never know what you will find there) Sold USA: and then (used to be, and a classified website called There is another popular guns classified site which is sort of like Craigslist called and I have found some collectible ammo for sale on there before. On , although selling live ammo is forbidden, I have noticed people selling what appear to be live black powder cartridges such as pinfires, as well as many promotional items, inert bullet, and signage & boxes. This site is some sort of gateway translator that shows a long listing of many empty ammo boxes which are available on Ebay from various sellers. It is sort of nice in that it condenses all the available empty cartridge boxes available on Ebay for you to easily look through. This site is another that does the same thing:

Then there are the live auction houses who do routine gun & ammo auctions. these are a pain to track & search, and you have to stay on top of them. They are mostly all early American ammo that coincides with the collectible American guns they often sell:

Wards collectibles auctions

Montrose auctions

Cowan’s auctions

Amoskeag auctions

Rock Island auctions

Five Rivers auctions

James D. Julia auctions (really expensive firearms here, and always some collectible ammo lots - usually very rare & pricey stuff)

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I just updated this thread to remove some dead links, and updated / added a couple things. If anyone knows of a collector ammo link or any site selling collector cartridges not on the list, then please send me a message.