Plagiarism and Non-Acknowledgements on other people's Posts

Dear Members and Occasional Posters,
I wish to complain about the rise of Posts which use, word for word, and sometimes, Cut and Paste, Information previously Published on this board, without any acknowledgement of the source or referral to the original Poster.
(Ie, approprating the information as if it is one’s own).

Case in Point, the latest Posting by (name withheld) on the Cartridge neck cracking thread.

This is an exact rendition of a Post made by me some time back on the problem of “non-annealing” of Cartridge cases etc.

Whilst I am all for the dissemination of Information to all members who are interested, correct publishing ethics require correct attribution of the information supplied, whether from Published Books, Pamphlets, or Communications from private individuals.
It is Known that by using the Web, we lose some of our Copyright protections, but that does not absolve Posters from attribution of the Author of the Information.

I would advise the Moderators to severely admonish the Poster concerned, and remove his post from the Thread.

Yours sincerely,
Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

DocAV and others:

That was a post that was automatically generated by a “spambot”.

This is a program that creates false accounts on forums to post adverts. In the past, they would simply invade forums and post links. However, today they are programmed to automatically copy a post or parts of a post. They do this hoping to go unnoticed. However, what gives them away is the links in the signature to dubious looking websites advertising products for sale. This one is advertising e-cigarettes. I would not recommend anyone clicking on any of the links as they could lead to all kinds of viruses and other nasty stuff.

Notice in the Belgian 9mm para thread how it has searched online and posted information about the “9th Para Battalion”. This was obviously based on the thread title.

I have notified a moderator about this, as I have done when I have spotted others.

Thanks for the heads up, I have banned the user “ahillya” or whatever the name was. I notice these sometimes and delete the post and user, but sometimes once a thread has developed and is something outside my field of interest, I stop checking. Whenever anyone sees these just let myself or Aaron, or Ron know and we can delete posts and bot users.

I went ahead and deleted the offending post as well.

Is there a reason that this forum doesn’t have a “report post” button as many other forums do?

It does.

It is the little red exclamation point on the bottom right of the post

Thanks for pointing that out. I had never even noticed that.