Are these two cartridges both from Plamil? Brass head has a small diameter nickeled primer and the aluminum head has a normal sized one. Brass head cartridge has no powder. Why? Is one an experimental and one a production item?



I thought these were experimental all of them in this caliber, in 7.62x51 nato they are production rounds, a lot of different heads, primers and bullet lenghts. For sure made in Norway but far as I know by Bakelittfabrikken. Wishes, Jan


It is my understanding that Bakellitefabriken bought out Playmil.


The top round is Finnish and officially adopted. There is also a version with a small 4.5mm primer.
Plamil was known for blanks correct?

Finland probably made more 7.62x39 plastic experimental cartridges than anyone else.


Bakelittfabrikken made it for SAKO. There is also at least 5 similar Finnish made versions, aluhead with 3 different primer, Zn base and brass base should have hs VPT 60.


Plamil ( Plastik Militaren Patrone== Plastic Military cartridges)

makers of Gallery cartridges using a Plastic Body, a detachable Plastic projectile, and a pressed in brass or aluminium base which holds the primer ( and occasionally a “powder chamber” into the plastic Body of the cartridge.

Made by both Plamil and by Bakelittenfabrik, and under licence as well by several national makers (DAG, US gov’t, MF (Australia) etc. in both the Bulleted and Blank versions.)

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.