Plastic .223

I picked .223 wasted shells at the range. Headstamp: REM 04 PCA 223. It is a composite shell with grey plastic body while the headstamp area and half an inch above it made of brass. I guess it is made in 2004. I don’t shoot .223. When did this composite way start? Are there bigger calibres (.308, .30-06 etc.) made the same way?


There have been several threads on the Forum about the NATEC PCA-Spectrum Polymer-Cased Ammo. Do a search, or you can simply Google PCA Ammunition and get all of the information.

I also recall at least one article in the JOURNAL. You should be able to find it in the Index.


The company is now gone, but they did plan on producing .308 and other calibers. As far as I know none were made.

I shot a few the PCA grey polymer rounds once. The third round I fired suffered a case seperation where the neck of the casing meets the shoulder, leaving the plastic casing neck stuck in the chamber. The next round jammed into it and when I pulled the bolt back, it pulled the bullet out of the unfired round and dumped spherical powder into the action of my rifle. I was not pleased.
The bullets on these rounds are not secured in the casings very well at all. They can be twisted out with your bare hands with little effort, and will ‘setback’ with very little pressure.

Years ago…maybe 25 or so…I did patent drawings (my employment) for one of the original versions of the composite 223…I believe these drawings were for Amtech…it was shown awhile back in one of the journals when Jim Sones was doing the patent section…Randy :)