Plastic Ammunition and Weapons Systems

Hi there,

The following letter/email was sent to the Administrators of this site but no response has been acknowledged or received so I thought that I would send a copy of it to this forum and perhaps someone may offer some information or explanation on the procedures, in case I am approaching this the incorrect way.

Thank you ahead of time.


To the Administrators:

Hi there,

There seems to be a new interest in plastic ammunition and weapons systems again as there was back in the 80’s. In fact, there has only been one real and true plastic ammo with the only non-plastic components being the powder and the primer, and it isn’t just used for indoor practice or non-lethal training like so many other products that have come and gone. We’re talking about real hard core ammunition and weapons technology.

If you are interested, I can email you a report summarizing this project and your members could then request a copy from you if you desire to participate. You have heard the names “Palcher”, “Nova”, “Wahib”, and a few others come up in discussions. Well, I’m him. My technology was a little too far ahead of its time back then but now there are some incentives and a justifiable need for me to bring some of my projects to fruition and I am now contemplating this and indeed may do so.

I thank you ahead of time for your timely response.

Mr. Joe Palcher