Plastic Cased .54 Burnside and .50 Smith

I always wondered who made those “modern” plastic cases for percussion rifles found in several calibers. Below is an ad from 1966 offering them in at least two calibers.

I would love to see one of these.

Interesting ad Fede, thank you for posting! I never knew there were plastic Burnsides produced… It is amazing that those origional plastics haven’t turned up somewhere in the market.

Here are some modern plastic burnside cases if anyone is interested…

A Smith & a Gallager then an aluminum Burnside plus three plastics.
Not sure who made any of these, perhaps Quinlan’s ?
Neat advert Fede

Wow Pete! Very nice!

Lodgewood also has a variety of other repro cartridge cases for the “skirmisher” market, as well as “loading tubes” which take the place of paper cartridges. They have Smith, Spencer, Maynard, Gallagher and others. Two pages- so click oat the end of the first to see the rest.

I have the white plastic ones for the Smith, and one is all plastic and the other has a metal insert where the fire hole is located, different manufacturers or just different design?

Pete, thank for sharing these pictures, I remember some of these cartridges from a display that you made years ago. I know that Jim Tillinghast had the white .50 Smith and the black .54 Burnside cases for sale in the late 1970’s, and that both were listed as “modern experimentals”. Dixie Gun Works also had these for sale at one time or another.

Wish I knew who actually made these cases but information about them seems almost impossible to find. Also, many of the plastic cartridges that have been marketed by big companies were subcontracted with lesser known companies. In this regard, I recently learn that in the early 1960’s the Speer line of target plastic cases and bullets was made by a company named Coleman Industries, whose factory was located inside the same building as Speer.

Dave, thanks a lot for sharing that link. Here is another company offering several more, including an interesting Spencer blank.



Nice video below on the way a Burnside rifle works.

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