Plastic cased 6mm Flobert blanks

I recently saw a box of plastic cased 6mm Flobert blanks. These are the type that are used in the blank firing pistols that are common here in the UK and Europe.

I have never seen plastic cased versions of these before. The ones I saw were made by a company in France. Are collectors familiar with these?

Hi Falcon.
Yes, these turn up on occassion in plastic boxes/containers. Since Floberts are still being made today (Fiocchi, Sellier & Bellot, RWS and others), they get packed in the latest material, which is plastic. I have even seen 6mm Blanks made out of plastic and have at least a couple in my collection.

Hope this helps.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear here.

I meant that the blanks themselves are made of plastic, not their packaging. Of course plastic packaging for these would not be anything unusual.

I have a box of this type of cartridge.

That’s the one, it is identical to what I saw.

Interestingly, Pyragric (Pyrotechnie Agricole) patented both the manufacturing process to make the plastic cartridge and the “Pinfire style” box.

Another variation of package label, otherwise contents & packaging the same as pierrejean shows above.

Here are a couple more plastic Flobert/22 Blanks, no headstamp and Raised “P” in circle.