Plastic target ammo

Does anyone besides me remember the red plastic target ammo that you could shoot down in your basement? This was sold in the early 60’s, common 38 special caliber. Didn’t make much noise, fouled the dickens inside your pistol’s barrel. Had to use a brass brush to scrub it out. Think the “bullet” was made of soft plastic. Trying to remember this.


They still make them

Could be, I know they came out in the early 60’s.

Here is a Speer 38 and 44 plastic practice cartridges also a Winchester Western one.speer%2038%20HS

38 spl


Speer 44


Winchester Westerm 38

the 2 38’s are unrpimed.

I have a boxes of these somewhere but can’t locate them at this time.


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I remember reading about these cartridges when I was a kid in Gun World & Guns and Ammo magazines.

I still use them on wet winter days…