Plastic Tubes


Are these any good? Is there a better source?


Those tubes and plugs are probably fine. Several of us (Burruss, etc.) have been using “Durphy Tubes” for many years. See The company makes their “Flexible Tubes” in just about any diameter and length you want, and will sell you about any quantity you want, with some minimum required. You want the clear tubes with the clear poly plugs. The size we have the most of are perfect for a .30-06 cartridge and can easily be cut off shorter with normal scissors for pistol rounds. The clear plastic plugs aren’t threaded so cutting the tubes down doesn’t matter. You can order pistol-length tubes or shotshell, or whatever. I’d recommend you figure out what diameter and length you want before you call.

Be aware that there is some controversy about storing cartridges in airtight plastic tubes. While the flexible plastic and plugs are inert, any outgassing of fumes from the cartridge remains concentrated in the tube where it can do damage. I’ve used these for many years with no problems, but the rounds I put in them were bright, clean, and fresh. Interestingly, I learned a bonus feature about the tubes after I began storing Gyrojets in them. If a live Gyrojet didn’t have its waterproofing seal applied correctly, after a few months or so, the tube took on a light orange tint inside and I knew the round was live and poorly sealed, not, for instance, a dummy that looked exactly like a live round.

A very important benefit of keeping rounds in the tubes is that you can handle your collectible all day long with your greasy fingers and do no damage to it. The tube bottoms are flat, clear plastic and with the cartridge inserted base down, the headstamp is easily read through it, again without having to touch it with your hand. If you’ve never thought about using these, come by my table at SLICS and I’ll give you a couple to play with.


Thanks for the info Mel.