Plated Carcano Clip No Window


I have had in for many years (35) a clip for the 6.5 Italian Carcano which is tin(?) plated without the windows in the sides and unmarked. I have never saw another or even a reference to this style of clip. Who made this model of clip?


HI, are you able to take a photo of said clip?


It it’s like this one;

I’ve got absolutely no idea where it was made or by whom and not having a Carcano rifle to hand to try it out, I’m not sure how reliably it would latch into place and feed ammunition, the base is very different to the usual Carcano clip.




Exactly like that one and it works OK in a carcano.


In the book Italy’s Battle Rifle, by Russ Arendell and Steve Woodrum, published by Arditi Books in 2012, there is a photo of this clip. It’s shown filled up with six 7.9x57 cartridges, and it’s suggested that this clip was made for Italian Carcano rifles and carbines that had been converted to 7.9x57 during WW2. The normal 6.5 clip is a very, very tight fit for 7.9 cartridges.A couple of other books about Italian rifles show normal-looking Carcano clips that have been slightly shortened and only take 5 rounds of 7.9x57.


The clip I have will not take 7.9 ammo. The clips shown in “The Model 1891 Italian Carcano Rifle” Chegia&Simonelli for 7.9 both have windows in the sides. It mentions that one is modified 6.5 clip which I believe must have been done when it was manufactured using the 6.5 blank.


I have 2 of these clips ,no markings and they will not accept 7.9x57 cartridges…Pete.


I have speculated that they were an after market made for the sporterised rechambered 6.5x54 MS cal Carcano rifles sold in Canada in the 1920s. However I now see they show up elsewhere.


Well I live in Canada & got these at a gunshow here,I also had two of the converted Carcano rifles at one time…Pete.