Platzpatrone 33


It is interesting to see P151/dnf (RWS Nürnberg) loaded defect or not needed civilian steel cases to Platzpatronen 33.



Interesting cartridge. It looks to me like the case is of lacquered copper-washed steel. Is that correct? The case on my commercial round with that headstamp is the later dark lacquered steel.


Yes Phil, you are correct.



I have a PP33 with purple wood bullet, not so red as the one shown on this thread seems
to be in the picture. It is in a brass case, with plain, uncrimped brass primer and no
primer seal, and headstamp .R.W.S. 8 x 57J

The round has the same rolled mouth crimp as that of the CWS-case PP33 shown in Dutch’s

I don’t recall seeing many PP33 rounds in RWS commercial cases. Are these scarce?


John, that is a very good question.

It is the first one I found in almost 40 years of 7,9 Mauser collecting