Platzpatrone 33


Shouldn’t the wooden bullet be red?


Yes you are right.

This is not a German loaded cartridge.
I think it was made in Denmark after the war. Ring in the head stamp.

The box and label looks original to me.


I can confirm that the 7.9 x 57 blank shown is of Danish
origin, in the form it currently is in. The “O” probably indicates
a reload. At our store, we had several thousand of these
blanks in the original 100-round grey Danish boxes, with white
label with black print. I no longer have my box sample and never
took a picture of it, but the label was typically Danish. They could
be found with just about any European 7.9 headstamp. I had several
hundred of them in my collection. Since I had access to them for only
a few cents apiece, I even used them to fill in missing lot numbers and
dates in the collections of 7.9 from other countries. All were brass case.

There were dummies as well, in both brass and steel cases. Again, manufactured
from surplus brass. They had several cannelures impressed into the case, and as
I recall, used the same wood bullet.

John Moss


Dutch and John, thank you, this makes more sense, now I understand. George


The distinct circle denotes a round loaded at “Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik” Danish Munitions factory in Otterup (Yes the ones with the rifles) for the Danish government.

Not just reloads but even brand new cases had this mark to show that DA loaded them for the government.


Thank you, Chickenthief, appreciate you input. George