Platzpatrone ID

I found this 8 x57 Mauser on the German show at Hessisch Oldendorf, last month. It seems the case is WWI. But what about the rest? Original, reload, fake? I can hardly believe I found an original blue M88 Platzpatrone only for a few cents… OAL is about 77mm-3.03 inch, which is considerable shorter than my purple and red-original/real-PP33.

The cartridge has no reloading mark, 1cm from the base of the case. So it must be loaded as a blank for MG.

A blank WW1 round had normally no primer crimps.

I don’t like the cartridge.


The S in the headstamp says this is a Patrone S case (nominal neck dia. 9.08 mm), not a Patrone 88 case (8.88 mm).

As dutch said already: I dont like it either…
the color is not right and the form of the bullet is different from the usual WW1 form…I dont think, this has anything to do with a MG-Blank of WW1…

The segmented neck crimp looks odd too.

The bullet color is identical to that of the Finnish WWII era 9mmP blank, also probably post-WWII. The Finns reloaded lots of old cases. I have a Finnish black plastic bullet blank in an am * 2 41 case, a blue wood bullet in a S.F.M * GG * case and a nickel dummy in a 9 MM 41 (CIA from the 1950s) case.

Looks like a lot of trouble to make this up as a fake. I suspect it is a legit reload of a ball round. Perhaps someone else recognizes it.


The last case they used with a special S88 head stamp was for example “Spandau” Feb. 1913.
After this date they used normal “S” cases for loading M88 rounds.



Lew is right. The Finns did reload 7.9 mm Mauser cases as blank cartridges in early to mid 1920s, this was carried out by the S.A.T. ammunition factory. However, the nose of the wooden bullet used by S.A.T. was sharper and the color was darker blue. So, I think this blank is not a Finnish one but maybe it’s been loaded by another country using 7.9 mm weapons after the WW I, like Lithuania?