Please help date code these percussion cap tins and caps

Hey Guys, I picked these 2 cap tins up at auction recently. I purchased for the tins only and was surprised to find caps in them. Hoping you can help identify the year of the tins as well as maybe the caps themselves.

You can tell there are 2 different fonts on the tins, and they still have part of the label left on the sides. Could someone tell me the approximate years for production of the font on each tin? Or direct me to a source of information on it?

The tin on the left has caps that have the letters GD stamped in them, with various fonts. I searched this form and saw they are from a French company called GAUPILLAT. When did they last produce revolver caps with this stamping?

The tin on the right has completely smooth caps with no stamping on the top. Any thoughts as to age? Thanks in advance!

Hi A34.

These tins were produced by Eley for nearly 100 years. During that length of time they were bound to be a number of different font variations. They also come with ELEY BROS. if the side label says Eley Bros, then they would date pre 1874. If it reads Eley Bros Ltd., then it’s post 1874.

The GD caps are not original to the tins. All Eley caps are unmarked.

The French GD caps were made by the Billion. Yes, that is a B.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that helps!