Please help ID this ammo

Hello -

Although I am quite familiar with modern firearms and ammunition, I am far away from an expert on all ammunition and especially old stuff.

I found this fragment of canvas belt-fed ammo in cleaning out an estate. I was led to believe that it probably is from about the WWI era. Other than that, I don’t know what it is or what weapon it is for.

The stamp on the rim is WRA and the number 45, but it’s clearly not a .45 - it’s more like 9 mm.

Looks to me like Cal .30 Carbine from 1945 that someone has stuffed in a fabric belt. For show?


It is definitely U.S. Carbine Caliber .30 ammunition, made by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1945. It is ordinary ball ammunition. The belt is, judging from the picture, a section of standard cloth ammunition belt for the U.S. Browning .30 Machineguns Models 1917, 1919A4 and 1919A6. It was originally intended for what many civilians call .30-06 ammunition. It has nothing to do with the ammunition that is in it, which was for the M1, M1A1, M2 and M3 Carbines.

Was there actually anything belt-fed chambered in .30 Carb??? I don’t recall ever hearing of any.

No, there was not. At least nothing that ever reached serial production or general military issue. I don’t know of anything at all, even experimental.

You find all manner of stuff in web MG belts. When I was still in High School, I had a 94 Winchester Carbine in .32 WS caliber. I made a cartridge belt (waist belt) for it out of a .30 MG web belt and a simple U.S. G.I. pants belt buckle. The buckles for those were quickly removable for polishing, and did not rely on holes in the belt for closure. Took five minutes to make it, if that. I kept my twenty rounds - I saved for weeks to buy one box of ammo for the 94 carbine, which was given to me by a neighbor - in that belt, but ended up never wearing it and shooting it all up in the carbine right before I went to Alaska. I never shot it again, and sold it right after I got out of the Army.

Well - mystery solved, apparently!

Thanks very much!

Glad to have you BillT as a new member. I hope you stay and learn a lot as well as continue your collecting. Thats a nice set of 30 Carbine you have there.