Please help identify bullet

Hi all, I’ve had this 37mm round for a while now but can seem to find much information on it, there are no markings on the round. I did manage to find a picture online of a round which looks very similar to mine but I cannot confirm that it’s the same ( 3rd from the bottom). Any information will be greatly appreciated.

As no-one else has had any suggestions, all I can say is this.

The case appears to be a cut down British 37mm “1 Pounder” with the primer removed.

The projectile may be either a “canister” round. This type of round contained smaller siameter pellets much like a scaled up shotgun cartridge. It could also be some sort of dummy item. How heavy is it?


Well you definitely have something different! As Falcon said in his post your cartridge appears to be some kind of 37mm/1 Pdr but it would help to have some measurements such as case length (from the bottom of the case to the case mouth), diameter of the case rim (bottom of the case), diameter at the case mouth and the diameter of the primer hole in the bottom of the case. If possible use a metric ruler and measure in millimeters.

Initial thoughts are the brass case has been cut down/trimmed as the slight shoulder in the case is very high/close to the case mouth which is not typically of the shorter types of a 37mm cartridges. Usually these cases look more like the one in your picture on the left. The case may have been fired which can with some gun chambers change/reduce the shoulder. There appears to be a very light crimping ring going around the case very close to the case mouth which is not typical as one would expect the crimp to be a bit lower on the case so as to engage a corresponding groove in the projectile. This helps keep the case and projectile together until fired. Also what appears to be an all copper ‘projectile’ is unusual. Is it heavy or does it feel as if it is hollow/empty? Again as Falcon said in his post it might be a canister projectile but most canisters are brass or steel and have a slightly more blunt ‘nose’ or a ‘nose’ like the end of a tin can. The ‘tip of the nose’ of your projectile appears to have a slight indentation in it or a sealed hole or is it solid? Hard to tell from the picture.

There is the possibility this is a fantasy piece, something cobbled together by someone, or a failed attempt at trench art. Or not!