Please help identify slugs

Can you please help identify the 3 smaller cartridges for a fellow South African collector?
Diameters just above the rims are: 8.80mm, 12.06mm and 16.22mm

apparently the smaller one is a 8mm for french revolver mod92 “devillers” with wax bullet for very short range

Thank you!

Any opinions on the other two?

Please give a good pull on the cymot.
I think it is a lighter or something like that.
You can pull the top of the bottom.

Regards Rene

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Isn’t that green one an early .410 from Eley??

The green one diameter measures 0.3mm larger than .410, but it’s possible

I’ll find out about the Cymot

I thing the red cartidge is a .44 Devillers for a duel pistol.


for derringer41 ,the diameter is approx. 8mm so it cannot be a .44 caliber
but yes ,the two cartridges had similar appearance

A box for the red .44 Mock Duel

The all brass does look like a lighter but it’s one I’m not familiar with.
The green one: .3mm is nothing remember these were made when the tight standards we have today did not exist.

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Here is a 8mm Devillers Mock Dual Wax Ball.
8mm Devillers HS

Rim: 10.21mm
Base: 8.90mm
Lgt: 26.23mm


Interesting, and twor questions that my tired brain cannot process, if you please…

If the Eley crimped round is 16 gauge, (very cool, by the way!), the CYMOT can not be 16 gauge, so what does the ‘16’ represent?

Can anyone tell me the meaning of the markings on the top wad on the CYMOT?

I would presume the ‘3’ has something to do with the powder charge.

3 1/2mm is slightly more then 1/8" [.139"], so that could be a shot size.

Many thanks.

The top wad seems to be taken from a German Rottweil shell. 3 is the German shot size number and 3.5 mm is the same size in millimeters.
Because of this, I think that polman is right with his suspicion that it is not a real cartridge.

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Thank you.
I have a .44 Devillers in green cardboard and it seemed similar to me.
I know in 8 mm caliber in brass, not in cardboard.

A few of the lighters
The two on the left measure 16mm ± at the head, the Eley is 18,8mm and the others 18mm.


for derringer
is funny that i don’t know the brass version of 8mm
your .44 brass is also a .44 devillers ?

Sorry, I know 8 mm in brass.
My .44 Devillers is also in brass