Please Help Identify

I just acquired this cartridge. It has been used for Trench Art and has some pretty good graphics. On the base end it has: IMPLULSE MK 5 (anchor symbol) KTC LOT 8 2 - 45 WS . Also in ink I believe it has NO 3 and 25 OZ Part of the artwork has a shield with the initials WCH. I was just wondering how or where I could begin to look up logos or badges of ships that this shell could have come from in order to further identify the original artist. Thank you very much… I am a bit of a history buff and it is my hobby to try identify objects and then attempt to find the original owners or relatives of these items.
Don’t know how to attach a photo if needed…

That cartridge is for a U.S. Navy depth charge projector- (sometimes call K guns or Y guns) which would throw depth charges off to the side of the ship as part of a pattern with other depth charges rolled off the stern from racks.

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