Please help identify

I was asked to help identify this round that looks to be a .360 No. 5 but the case is about 7mm too long. The ECRA database yields no match.
Bullet is 9.27mm
Mouth is 9.57mm
Head is 9.65mm
Rim is 10.88mm
Case length is 33.97mm
Total length is 44.49mm


Any suggestions appreciated.

38 Ex long Ballard? just 2mm too long tolerance?

The .38 Ex long Ballard is 41mm on the data sheet I have as compared to Paul’s 34mm mystery rd. Paul’s seems closer to the “.357 Special Magnum” at 35mm case length (a cut-down .357 maximum).

DK - this is a very unscientific comment, but the “look” of the bullet, case and primer give me the impression of a cartridge much older than the .357 Maximum, cut down or not, and perhaps even one from prior to the appearance of the .357 Magnum cartridge.

Again, just an impression. I am unable to identify the cartridge without more research than I can give the topic.

I would agree with JohnMoss that this cartridge appears to be older than the .357 Magnum. Again, by the bullet, case and primer’s appearance, the cartridge looks older than the early 1930’s.

As for identification, I can not be of any assistance.


Thanks all for the replies thus far.