Please help .Type ammo 12.7x99 (13.2x99mm Hotchkiss)

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This is not a 12.7x99mm BMG but rather a 13.2x99mm Hotchkiss

Why 3 slots have been machined into the cartridge case and the primer pocked drilled out I have no idea.



Different type of cuttaway to show strength of cartridge design by someone with imagination? :thinking:

The ammo case is made of Nickel plated.


Is the cartridge case nickel plated brass (laton) ?

Hello bdgreen.
Yes, the cartridge case is nickel plated brass (latón).

I’ve seen several dissected cartridges like this for, one of which was a heavily cut up 40mm L/70 case with all sorts of weird pieces machined out of it. From what I was told by the owner it was done as a quality control check step where several cases out of a lot were taken for thorough inspection. No info to back it up but seems likely to my thought process.

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The slots look similar to .50cal picture holding ‘trench art’, where 2 cases are mounted on a block and a picture is slotted between them. Could be a 3 picture version?

I am having trouble imagining what you described, any chance you might have a picture of it?


Unfortunately not, and am having computer problems too.
Tried to find an image online, no joy. Basically, it would be 2 x .50cal cases, mounted on a block as ‘bookends’ to hold a photo between.sometimes the photo would be sandwiched between thin plexiglass. The rounds are usually chromed and are mounted to the block via the pirmer hole, this example looks like the primer has been drilled out. Is there any sign of a screw thread inside?.

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I think this is somewhat what I think you’re talking about. It’s a picture frame made with cartridges but instead of the picture being held on with 2 studs (like this one) the cartridge has 2 slots milled down the side so the picture frame can be slid down into the 2 slots and held in place. I have seen the same before on eBay but can’t find an exact example like it right now. image

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Yes, very similar. All the ones i’ve seen have been chromed.

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Takapu and Spaceinvader,
Thanks, I just could not picture it in my mind, and a googlie search turned up a couple of sites that I would rather not click on.

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