Please help with ID

Any ideas?
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8x50R Lebel. This is not a calibre that I collect but I think that the round was made by Société Française des Munitions (SF) in the last quarter of 1935. The brass supplier, I believe is Societe de Metallurgie Franco-Belge a lssy-les-Moulineauz (I).

I could be wrong but someone with more knowledge will be by soon to correct me.

The bullet, adopted in 1898 and usually called “balle D” is a landmark in military rifle ammunition.
It was the first to have

  • the slender pointed shape and
  • what we call a boattail today.
    At the same time it was not jacketed, but a solid design, entirely made of brass with 90 percent copper.

Thank you folks. You guys never disappoint.