Please i.d. IMI 9x19

it a subsonic load

These subsonic loads were made with both military-type and commercial-type headstamps.

The commercial loads are usually, perhaps always, with 158 grain bullets. Those in military packaging are usually with 124 grain bullets, and are identified on the box labels as “subsonic” and sometimes as “Ball Carbine 124 gr. Subsonic.” The commercial boxes don’t use the “subsonic” appellation, but rather describe the cartridges as “9 mm Low Velocity.”

Below are some samples of Israeli packaging for the “Low Velocity” and “Subsonic” loadings, all of which have the blue bullet tip. The bottom box shown is likely the packaging your round came in, as it contains “IMI 9 mm CARB” headstamped rounds.

John Moss


Somewhere I still have a box of Samson/IMI 9mm that is labled “Match”, and indicated as for use in Carbines only… I cannot find it, but I will post a photo when it shows up.

Badger - I don’t have a Samson-label Carbine Match box, although they might well exist, but below is a picture, including end label and cartridge, of an “EAGLE” box, also an IMI product.

The cartridge is headstamped “IMI 9mm CARB” and has a GM FMJ RN bullet with black time, a brass case, and a nickel primer cup with red primer seal.

This was, to my knowledge, purely commercial ammunition.

John Moss

You might be correct, it may be Eagle and not Samson, but the “Samson” sticks in my memory for some reason… 82+ boxes and ammo cans to search through…and my memory ain’t improving any.

Badger - it could well be a Samson label. I have lots of them for different loadings. I just don’t have the “Carbine Match” in that particular label. I know what you mean about searching thru boxes. I have about 80% of my cartridge-box collection in cabinet drawers where they are fairly easy to find, but the other 500 or so cartridge boxes are stored in a way that is hard to find any single box. I have two large boxes full of some, and the others are in drawers that store them o.k., but only the end label is visible, and only then if another box is not on top of it.


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