Please I.D those!

Hello. A friend of mine brought me these, and I’m still trying to figure out what they are. The first one is basically a .25 Auto, but the rim has been buffed. The second one has a 9mm bullet, measures 23.2mm (case), and seems to have a hidden primer. The conical form of the base is really strange… 3rd one I already know, and as for the 4th one, it has a big primer, and has red stuff inside. Any ideas??

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Third is a UTM marker case

Fourth is for the Para-Ordnance m85 paint gun

For the third one, I already knew; but you’re totally right about the last one! Thanks!!

But what about the first two?

Headstamp and dimensions would be good.

I think #2 Is a toy gun cartridge. But that’s just a guess

First one is litterally a .25 Auto; it’s written under, but like I said, the rim has been trimmed.

Second one has no marking at all, Case length 23.4mm, rim is 12.14mm wide, bullet is 9mm and cartridge is 32.24mm overall.

Can you post a picture of the headstamps?

the 4th one is a .375 red dye marker cartridge made by Para-Ordinance.

Here are the headstamps. Like I said, nothing for the big one, (except for the strange hump), and the smallest is .25 AUTO DOMINION

Zac got your 'big one" correct it’s for a toy gun.

Oh, so it’s not even real ammunition??

if your a kid & have a good imagination, it’s as good as real.

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Damn; I’m 39, and I thought it was real!! Thanks!! Although I kinda feel like an idiot, now…

As for the trimmed .25, it’s still a mystery. If it has no purpose, I wonder why one would go through the trouble of trimming it even like that…

You shouldn’t, no one of us knows everything & some of even gather them up
Sorry no help on the trimmed .25, but hang on to it all of us have stuff we don’t know what it is & sometimes you do find out.


Some of us who are really unbalanced actually collect toy cartridge to. Pete I wish my drawer of toys and such looked as nice and orginized as yours.

Thanks for the very nice (unbalanced) complement Zac !

Pete, you have a lot of interesting cartridges in that drawer!!! Please, can you post more pictures?

Pete, do you need a .38 airsoft adapter for an airsoft revolver? I’ve got a couple haha

Here you go Fede
Some are not actually toys, cork screws & devise to measure holes in targets to see if two shots in one hole & I have more key chains in other drawers & the lapel pins in one are my NRA life &through benefactor pins.
Strelok, you tell me.


Excellent, thanks a lot. I love this stuff.

Factory made keychains are also very interesting, because sometimes they use rejected cases with scarce or unreported headstamps. I recently saw an old .223 by Federal headstamped just “FEDERAL” centered at 12. Not sure if it’s rare, but I have never seen it before.