Please ID help - some 6mm wildcat?

Hi to all,
could someone help me? I am not able to identify this - probably some wildcat?

11.85 mm case diameter
36.83 mm case length
11.86 mm base diameter
6.84 mm neck diameter
6.18 mm bullet diameter
52.50 mm total length
about 25 mm from base to "begin of shoulder"
about 31 mm from base to “begin of neck”.

Case should be made from a 308 Win case, made by Pretoria Metal Pressings. Bullet is a JHP with very small opening on the tip.
The cartridge is on the left side, right is a .223 WSSM and a 6 mm Norma.
Please, some ideas? Thanks for any suggestions.

I looked for you in Wildcat and Proprietary, but cannot find a match. Maybe someone more into such will chime in. My reference on such is small.

Hi, xjda68, anyway, thank You so much for trying. I couldn’t find nothing in my literature, so I hope, someone here is better oriented…


Without some provenance, identifying a cartridge like that may be impossible. It could be for a rifle or it could be for a pistol. It could be a wildcat or it could be a dingbat. I could make one in my shop in less than 1/2 an hour.

We haven’t heard from Pivi yet and therein lies your best hope. If he can’t ID it (and name it) I’d bet that no one can.


Ray, the same thing I thought too. I got this cartridge in a pack of other cartridges as a gift without any information of origin. I know it may be a nonsense, but I am not able to find it out. Anyway thank You too and I’ll be grateful for any information.
(Sorry for my english…)

Paul13 - what’s wrong with your English? Your grammar is better than many of the High School Graduates in California, and I am not talking about immigrants, but rather native-born.

Looks like a 308 1.3" necked down and slightly lenghtened.

This looks like a competition cartridge…like other rounds based on short and relatively fat cases

Great, Pivi, thank You for Your opinion, at least is it now for me more likely, that it is not a fake.
Thanks again!

I think that Will Reuter could have seen it before. He has a large collection of wildcats and being from South Africa could even name it, if it is a south african wildcat.

Anyway, it has the same rim/head dimensions of the 308 Win, and the same rim to shoulder lenght of the 308 1.3" ( about 24,60 mm on my sample). The shoulder angle seems identical too.

Since necking down the 308 1.3" to 6 mm will produce a very short neck, the parent case has to be trimmed to a longer lenght.