Please ID these .303 Britt rounds


Found some more .303 Britt rounds that I cannot ID. The two look to be middle eastern. The single third one has a strange year code stamped into the rim.


The top two are Iraqi, and the last is Italian for Egypt. If you shift the AOC over a step it becomes BPD, a well-known Italian company.


Both first ones are Iraki:
1909 = 1959
190V = 1957
The third is of Italian manufacturing ( BPD) for Egypt in 1952.

n° EE0011
n° EE0036


Thank you to the both of you! I Appreciate it.


AOC seems an attempt to conceal true origin. Why?


1952, Suez? Or build up to

May 6th 1952 King Faruk of Egypt claims to be a direct decendant of the prophet Mohammed. Little chance since none of the prophet’s children survived to adulthood.

A build up of tension resulting in the closing of the Suez canal in 1956. Israel muddying the water. British / French airborne invasion unsuccessful. Leading to a twenty year conflict and the six day war between Isreal and Egypt in 1967.