Please ID these cartridges

I think they are 7x57mm Mauser, 6.5x55mm Swede and .303 British. The owner of these cartridges says that the middle cartridge (the 6.5 Swede) will not chamber in his 6.5 Swede rifle. Other posters on the forum where this pic comes from insist the cartridge is a 6.5x54MS. Is there a variation of the 6.5 Swede that is slightly longer or somehow different than the original cartridge?



Actually a 6.5 m/m Mannlicher-Schoenauer would chamber in a Swedish 6.5 m/m rifle, albeit loosely, so it’s not that. The headstamp looks OK for a Swedish manufactured 6.5 x 55 cartridge so I couldn’t guess why he can’t get in in a Swedish rifle. Either his rifle is funny or the cartridge is. JG

My thoughts exactly. I’m wondering of his rifle has been re-barreled or something.


You have identified all three of the “unknown” cartridges in that picture correctly. The one made at “070” is definitely, by look and headstamp, 6.5 x 55 Mauser. If your friend is basing not chambering on one cartridge, it is possible the cartridge has some problem; if he is basing it on a batch, his rifle has a problem. I have Swedish Models 94, 96 and 38, and have no problem chambering any Swedish ammunition of this era in my rifles, even though they span the years 1917 to 1942. Swedish manuals contemporary to the cartridge in the picture show no use of any weapon of caliber 6.5 x 54 (in fact, Swedish manuals, general and ammunition, that I have don’t show there was ever a use of 6.5 x 54 Mannlicher-caliber weapons by Sweden) and I don’t know of any contract, that would use the standard Swedish military headstamp, by F