Please ID this one-Greek 16Ga


Can anybody help me with this headstamp??

I have no idea of where to place it.
It has a red paper case without any markings.

many thanks for all help.



It is Greek but I can not fully transliterate it.



At least now I know where it is from.

Thanks a lot. rené


EΛΛ. = Electric
ΠΥΡΙΤ = Flint

So it would mean “cartridge with electric firing cap”


Electric “flint” or primer could lean towards engine starter cartridge.



René and others, this is Greek abbreviated spelling for Greek Powder & Cartridge [Co. Ltd.].


Could “EΛΛ” be “Ellinikos” some wording for “Greece” or “Greek” ?


Greek Powder and Cartridge Co Ltd


Hi everybody,
Thanks for all the input!!
Just one more question.
In what timeframe should I think of?

Regards rené