Please id this

There’ s always something “new”. What do I have here? Some experiment? Short range? Cheap training? A failure? And never seen before USAC.

The plastic USAC 38 special cases are from the 80’s and were marketed as “easy to reload with the right projectile” or something along that line. there were a whole array of colours based on the load and projectile.

A advert poster for these


Very nice id indeed. So it was a failure, wasn’t it?

I shot and reloaded many boxes of USAC ammo back in the 1980’s. The only color plasctic cases I ever saw in the commercial boxes was white. Still have the original loading tools.

What were the bullets made of? They mention copper plating but nothing about bullet material or weight. Jack

Jack - you missed the info you wanted. The picture of the brochure indicates these are 150 grain copper-plated cast bullets, at a MV of 840fps and pressures in the 16 to 18,000 psi range.

The company was a failure, but the ammunition was not. It reloaded o.k. with their tools, and shot very decently.

Don’t have any clue why it was not a succesful product.

John Moss

John: Thanks; double clicking to get a pic big enough to read the fine print is just at the edge of my computer skill level. So they really were lead, not, as I suspected, zinc. Jack

Very cool - never saw these before.

A box of dummies & some rounds. The two on the right are all-plastic cased & the conventional / normal brass case also has their headstamp.


Nice selection Pete! The “boring” all-brass case was made for them by Starline.



Thanks, Fede, nice to know.

Hi there,

I wonder can anyone identify these bullets for me. Found in a coach house in dublin ireland built in 1760 and occupied my various British and Irish military figures in 19/20c



You really ought to move this to a new post because the original has nothing to do with these your asking about.
But those look to be Jacob’s bullets to me.

Many thanks - and so sorry. I am very new to this and its a miracle I even managed to send anything at all!

Sorry to ask again on same post, bit do you know background to jacobs bullets?

Apologies again


do a search on this forum

Like Pete said, it looks like a jacobs bullet, how many protruding “grooves” does it have in total?

Thank you. It just has one protruding groove.
It is about 14mm in diameter and 2.3cm ‘tall’.

Hope that helps!


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Neat bullet and a great find.

By the looks of the projectile in your 2 photos it has more than one protrusion but time and corrosion have not helped here.

Here are a couple of bits of info that may help provide some background on Jacobs:


Below is an advertisement for one of the early exploder type bullets developed by Jacobs (From IAA Journal-Issue 478, 2011, provided by Jim Buchanan)


Sorry but I don’t have time right now to add more.

Try taking a photo of the base (bottom) of the projectile, straight on, and post that here. That may help identify the type of bullet.


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