PLEASE READ - Pls don't copy images in quoting!


This is a request to those who choose to quote a previous post when they reply in a thread . . . .

IF that post contains one or more photos and IF some element of the photo(s) is NOT ESSENTIAL to your purpose, please EDIT the quote to REMOVE the code string(s) from your response.

The reasons for this are: (a) the more calls there are to Photobucket and other hosting sites, the more likely it is those who post many photos are going to run into the limits for free use of those sites and (b) extra images slow down the page loading time for those reading the thread.

As I have time, I’m going to go through and edit the 12,000 posts we have (ouch!) for this (and to generally clean up), but if folks could observe this procedure, it will make things better for all of us.