PMC 2019 Catalog PDF


Like Chucky, the computer stupid man (me) is back. I cannot find anyway to print out the full PMC catalog. Is it available in JPEG or is there some other way I am not finding to print this. All I can find is the first page, although it appears from a little overlay on the picture of the first page that there are 32 pages.???

John M. (No longer sure if the “M” is for Moss, or for Moron)

John I clicked on the catalog image then got a small “>” on the right edge. I clicked on that, which took me to the next page.

Then at the middle-top of the page were two small buttons. The left is a downward pointing arrow. Push that to download it to your computer & then you can print it out.

Pete - thanks. I will give that a try. As you know, I have turned into an easily confused old man! Good seeing you at Phoenix, by the way. We had a pretty easy return home, with no complications. My son insisted on going all the way back home in one shot, not stopping for a night’s rest. Needless to say, he is a very experienced driver. It was a good trip!

It worked perfectly. Thank you.

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John Moss